Mascots and masks

Do you want a company mascot for your business presentation, or perhaps a corporate party mask? We can produce all this and much more. Our mascots are hand-made using state-of-the-art technology and a broad range of materials. The mascots are our heart's content, so not only that every piece is original, but the mascot also has its own soul. We can make masks directly on the actor's head or for universal use. Of course, we also provide a make-up artist to our masks for ensure a perfect make-up. We produce not only full-face masks, but also accessories such as scars, burns, horns, ears, noses, etc. With our masks, your film production will get the most effective beasts and never fit in at a company party. Full head masks range from 5,000 CZK upwards.

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Jakub Holý
executive director
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