When Czech handy hands are in use…

We are a Czech creative production. Simply put, we can easily produce almost anything. We mainly focus on the advertising industry. Our goal is to be flexible in creating quality products for our customers, regardless of what their vision is. Whether it's a work of art based on your favorite TV show or the props required for your video, we can make it for you. What we can’t print on a 3D printer, we can model, cut, or create out of clay. We work with a wide range of materials and manufacturing processes to achieve the perfect result. We can transform the most crazy ideas you have in you head or on paper, to the form of a sketch and then of course a complete project. The creativity and ingenuity of our craftsmen, in conjunction with our production team, gives rise to the most amazing stuff. We work with modern and classical materials such as: wood, laminate, silicone, worbla, ABS / plexi, lucopren, silicone, resin, liquid plastic, latex, etc. We use 3D printing, vacuum shaping, as well as classic manufacturing processes such as art carving, sculpturing, ceramics, etc.

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Jakub Holý
executive director

+420 602 337 767